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The Merkaba, also spelled Mer-ka-ba, is a divine light vehicle allegedly used by advanced beings for interdimensional and interstellar travel. The word merkaba literally means “light, spirit, body” in ancient Egyptian language. In the book The Secret Doctrine, Helena Blavatsky described the merkaba as “a sort of three-dimensional Star of David.”

But first, what is the relationship between markaba and sacred geometry?

Sacred geometry is the study of the fundamental shapes and patterns that underlie all of creation. It is based on the belief that everything in the universe is connected through a web of geometric patterns. Sacred geometry can be found in all forms of life, from the tiniest microorganisms to the vastest galaxies.

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Merkaba is a symbol of transformation.

The merkaba is a three-dimensional representation of these patterns. It is said to be a vehicle that can take one’s consciousness to higher dimensions. The word “merkaba” comes from the ancient Egyptian language and means “light, spirit, body.”

The merkaba is said to be made up of two interlocking tetrahedrons, one pointing up and the other pointing down. These tetrahedrons are said to represent the masculine and feminine energies, as well as the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth. As a sacred symbol, it has been used for centuries by many different cultures. It is said to be a powerful tool for transformation and healing.

The Merkaba symbol is said to have a variety of uses for different modes of activation.

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Connect with higher dimensional energies.

The Merkaba is a powerful symbol that can be used to help connect with higher dimensional energies. It is said to be a vehicle of light that can be used to access other planes of reality, and to connect with higher beings. The symbol itself is composed of two interlocking tetrahedrons, and when activated, it is said to create a field of energy that can be used for healing, protection, and transformation.

Activate the pineal gland and third eye.

The Merkaba is a powerful symbol that can be used to activate the pineal gland and third eye. When you focus your intention on the Merkaba, it can help to open up these areas of your consciousness and allow you to access higher levels of awareness. The pineal gland is often referred to as the “third eye” because it is associated with clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. When the pineal gland is activated, it can help you to see beyond the physical world and into the spiritual realm. The third eye is also said to be responsible for out-of-body experiences and other mystical states of consciousness. By working with the Merkaba, you can learn to access these higher states of consciousness and tap into your true potential.

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Open the chakras.

The merkaba is said to be a powerful tool for opening and balancing the chakras. When all of the chakras are open and in balance, it is said that one can achieve a state of bliss and oneness with the universe. There are many different ways to use the merkaba for chakra work, but one of the most popular is to visualize it spinning around the body, opening and balancing the chakras as it goes.

Deepen personal transformation and spiritual growth.

The Merkaba can be used as a tool for meditation and visualization, to help connect with the higher self and the divine. It is also said to be a powerful guardian against negative energy, helping to protect and cleanse the aura. Merkaba meditations and visualizations can be used to help achieve greater clarity of mind, body and spirit.

When meditating with sacred geometry like the Merkaba, it is important to focus on the intention of personal transformation and spiritual growth. Visualize the symbol spinning around you, surrounds you with white light and fill your entire being with love and light. Allow yourself to be open to whatever guidance or insights you receive. Trust that the Universe is supporting you on your journey and that you are exactly where you need to be.

Expand manifestation of desires.

Merkaba is a powerful symbol that can be used to aid in the manifestation of desires. When you focus your intention on what you want to manifest, and then visualize the merkaba spinning around you, it can help to increase the power of your manifestation. This is a great focal point when meditating with sacred geometry, if you choose to do so.

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Promote psychic abilities.

The Merkaba is a powerful symbol that has been used for centuries to promote psychic abilities and spiritual growth. The word Merkaba comes from the ancient Egyptian language and means “chariot of the gods.” This symbol represents the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to travel between dimensions. The Merkaba is said to be a powerful tool that can help us to connect with our higher selves, and to access the Akashic Records.

Said to be a vehicle of light that can be used to travel to other dimensions and planes of existence, this sacred geometry symbol can be activated by the power of thought and intention. When we focus our thoughts on the Merkaba, we are said to be able to access higher states of consciousness and tap into our psychic abilities.

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How to Work with the Merkaba Symbol in Meditation

If you’re interested in using the Merkaba symbol for meditation or personal transformation, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s important to cleanse and charge your symbol before use. This can be done by meditating with the symbol, placing it in a bowl of salt water, or using sage or Palo Santo to cleanse it.

Once your Merkaba is cleansed and charged, you can begin using it for meditation. To do this, sit in a comfortable position and hold the symbol in your hands. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualize the symbol spinning in front of you. As you focus on the symbol, allow yourself to be open to any thoughts, feelings, or messages that come through.

The Merkaba symbol is a powerful tool that can be used for personal transformation and spiritual growth. If you’re looking to add it to your meditation practice, be sure to cleanse and charge it first. Then, simply focus on the symbol and allow yourself to be open to whatever comes through.

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