Healing, Awakening & Empowering Hearts

Is your heart the key to everything you ever wanted?

There are two fundamentally different stories about life and your role in it.

One starts with the big bang and tells us that we and the universe are complex machines.

The other, nearly forgotten story, starts with your heart.

And if you believe your heart is a pump, you are in for a big surprise. Your heart is not what you think it is …

A new era {=cycle/wave/epoch/heartbeat} is beginning right now. Whether it turns out to become paradise for you, humanity and Earth might depend on which story you will choose to guide your life …

Discover Your Flowering Heart

Our Free Online Event

60+ experts, from award-winning scientists and independent researchers to best-selling authors, philosophers, renowned medical doctors, spiritual teachers and indigenous wisdom carriers share their paradigm-changing insights about the nature, purpose and function of the human heart.

Discover why and how the human heart, and also yours, is at the center of a cross-cultural, scientific and spiritual revolution.

Our Online Boutique

A heart revolution needs art to reach and touch the hearts of people directly, without the need for words.

If you want to gift your beautiful Self or your beautiful friends some beautiful art … check out our art prints, posters, T-shirts, hoodies, note books, mugs and much more 🙂

Our Feature Documentary

Currently in post-production we aim to premier our dogma-shaking documentary at film festivals in fall 2023.
Meanwhile you can get some impressions, listen to the sound track and get some behind the scenes info.
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