As on going research and also for our online events, we interview experts on all matters of the human heart. Here are a few highlights from these interviews as edited transcripts, so they are very readable.

We cover all aspects of life, from before the first heartbeat to beyond the last, even the emergence of the universe itself. If you are not mind-boggled we don’t know what will mind-boggle you.

Many how-to articles will also include polls or surveys, so we can learn from you also 🙂

3 Simple Techniques to Keep Your Inner World In Shape and Show Up As Your Best Vibration

It will stabilize you instead of just going on and on, and ruminating about the story, and getting distracted for the rest of your day because you’re all bent out of shape about something and not being able to focus on the things that you need to focus on to meet your responsibilities in life, or to show up for work the way you need to, or to show up for your children the way you want to, to show up for yourself the way you have to.

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