The Heart Revolution
A poetic science exploration
and celebration of life
and being human,
driven by the question
“What is the purpose of the human heart?


There are two fundamentally different stories about life and your role in it.

One starts with the big bang and tells us that we and the universe are complex machines.

The other, nearly forgotten story, starts with your heart.

And if you believe your heart is a pump, you are in for a big surprise. Your heart is not what you think it is.

A new era {=cycle/wave/epoch/heartbeat} is beginning right now. Whether it turns out to become paradise for you, humanity and Earth might depend on which story you will choose to guide your life …
What if living your fullest beauty
and potential begins with
realizing your Heart’s purpose?


Our poetic science documentary is structured into eight archetypal chapters of life. We start with the one that is sadly the last for most people: Dis-ease.

Then we look at Shift, Love, Birth, School, Earth, Death, and Rebirth. We follow the lead characters and explore the purpose of our heart in these chapters of life.

Chapter | D I S E A S E
A young surgeon in New Delhi prepares for an open heart surgery on a senior woman. She cannot go about her life as usual anymore and her biggest wish is to be able to have her life back ...
Chapter | S H I F T
"It's been proposed by some that we've discovered pretty much everything. This is so wrong. There's so much that we need to know especially in areas of consciousness ...
Chapter | L O V E
"What if we are reflections of a greater reality? The individual longs to experience the source from which we came and that source, its quality, has something to do with this mystery we call love ...
Chapter | B I R T H
"From our pre and perinatal understanding of how conscious babies are, I think we're discovering a lot about how to awaken the heart from the beginning of life."
Chapter | S C H O O L
Milli, an eight year young girl learns, within just 4 weeks, to literally see the world through her heart - while she is blindfolded ...
Chapter | E A R T H
"We now have this system for measuring the Earth's magnetic fields. It's kind of metaphorically like measuring the heart rhythms and brainwaves of planet Earth. As it turns out it may not be a metaphor ...
Chapter | D E A T H
... . . . .. ..
. . .. ..
. . ..
. ..
Chapter | R E B E A R T H
What if our 'way back' to paradise begins with realizing that our heart is not a pump - and that we are deeply connected to Earth?


After years of working on this feature documentary we are finally in post-production and our film is fully funded.

Our film will be completed by November 2023 and premiere soon after.

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Our poetic science documentary takes you on an impressionistic journey through human life, playfully exploring what our heart is all about.
From before the first heartbeat to beyond the last. From before the big bang {≈systole of the cosmic heart beat} to beyond the end of the universe {≈cosmic diastole}.

Prof. Gerald Pollack did his Phd work on the cardiovascular system and he thought he had all the answers. That was several decades ago. Now he and his Phd student demonstrate how the blood flow continues although the heart is not working.

They summarize seven years of research as “Something other than the heart is driving the blood circulation.” Their findings might be the overture to a scientific revolution.

The question now is, ‘What’s the purpose of the human heart?’

Very few people know that there is substantial scientific evidence that the century-old dogma ‘our heart is a pump’ needs a thorough reinvestigation.

A new definition of the heart’s function might lead to new interventions for heart failure and other heart diseases, and improve the quality of life of millions of people around the globe.

Even more so, as this film shows, it might fundamentally reframe our view on topics like pregnancy and birth, education, consciousness, love and relationships, our connection to ‘our’ planet Earth, peace, health, disease, dying, and many other existential aspects of our lives.

The Heart Revolution invites you to discover how near-unimaginably powerful and beautiful you are, have been, and always will be.

And how we might even have a chance to live together in paradise here on Earth again soon.
[“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”]

A new era has begun.
Its the age of Enheartenment.

{ from ‘cogito ergo sum’ [=I think therefore I am] to ‘I feel therefore I am’ }
{ from ‘mind over matter’ to ‘heart moves mind’ }


Ancient stories from around the world tell us that we once lived in paradise here on Earth. A state of harmony with ourselves and each other {= humans, animals, and nature.}
Many people today believe that if we invent better technologies, we’ll soon have a better life. Yet despite ever-increasing technification, seemingly more and more people struggle with war, poverty, loneliness, chronic disease, and other heart-breaking situations.
At the same time, more and more people are attracted to the ‘spiritual idea’ of ‘mind over matter,’ the idea that our mind is the key to creating the life we wish for. And meditation and enlightenment are claimed to be the paths. Yet we have seen over and over again that so-called enlightened masters behave as immature and even toxic as the average person.
Both our mind and the technologies it conceived are of seemingly undeniable relevance for our lives.
And, what if both, our minds and it’s technologies, are not enough, even more so, not suited to solve the life-threatening and global challenges we are facing?
And, what if both, our minds and it’s technologies, are not enough, even more so, not suited to solve the life-threatening and global challenges we are facing?
We might not have much time left to find out. Some notable experts warn us that GRAIN technologies [Genetic, Robotic, Artificial Intelligence, Nano] likely lead to the end of humanity as we know it.
And after a life dedicated to healing and health with yoga, diets, and meditation, many people come to feel that something is still missing. That there is something they long for they haven’t found yet.

What if discovering and experiencing the purpose of this pulsing organ in your chest is whats missing?

What if this adventure begins with realizing that your heart is not a pump?


In our film you’ll discover ground-breaking new research from the Heartmath institute. They have been creating visionary programs to transform health, wellness and performance based on Heart Rate Variability since three decades.

These are some of the fine institutions using Heartmath programs to improve the quality of life of their members, employees and the communities they serve.

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30,000+ participants have already discovered how to heal, empower & enlighten their hearts in our free online event.

GET INSTANT ACCESS TO 60+ EXPERTS who share their insights about your heart’s physical, emotional, and spiritual function and potential.

Your view of the human heart and life will never be the same. And you might tell your friends a few things they never heard before 😉


Our vision is to have paradise on Earth {again}. Meaning we all live together based on healthy, heartfelt connections with ourselves and each other [that includes plants, animals and ‘our’ planet Earth], celebrating our differences.

Our mission goals are …

| Increase awareness of the scientific evidence that warrants an investigation of the idea that the human heart is not a pump.

| Ignite a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary discussion about the purpose and function of our hearts.

| Introduce the idea of emotional education in schools worldwide

| Inspire people to live a beautiful life via the ‘follow your heart & find your rhythm’™ lifestyle.

| Spread the knowledge of the Chestahedron, nature’s blueprint for the human heart.

| Illustrate the heart’s purpose with with various art forms.

| Help people to discover, track and predict their emotional and other cycles to live in harmony with life.

| Publish a new model of emotions that heals the separation of natural and spiritual science

| Collect, preserve, and present indigenous, ancient, and modern knowledge and wisdom about our hearts from around the world.‍

There are always at least two
perspectives on any story.
{ because we live in a 3-dimensional world :-}


You can explore and experience stories from our movie in your own life.
We encourage you to have your own experiences. Without your personal experience, you can only believe or doubt what we {and others} tell you.

Having your own experience will take you beyond that box of belief and doubt.

We like to propose that real knowledge is based on personal experience. So, happy exploring!
Here are things you can easily do at home that can help you reconnect to your heart’s and Earth’s intelligence. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

We are preparing two citizen science research projects that explore how you can use mood-cycle tracking and heartwaves
practices to get in sync with Earth and cosmic cycles.
More on that soon.


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Thank You, Dear Earth!
We are unspeakably grateful that you, dear beloved Earth, gave us this paradise to live, play and flourish in. ​We want to live in harmony with you. And we aim to inspire ever more fellow humanimals and humangels to also live in harmony with you.
Thank You for having us!