Our vision is to have paradise on Earth {again}. For us that means that we all live together based on healthy, heartfelt connections with ourselves and each other [that includes plants, animals and ‘our’ planet Earth], including all our differences, frictions and conflicts.

Our mission goals are …

1) Increase awareness of the strong scientific evidence that warrants a serious investigation of the idea that the human heart is not a pump. 

2) Ignite a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary discussion about the purpose and function of our hearts.

3) Inspire people to explore their full potential via the HeartWaves™ lifestyle {‘follow your heart & find your rhythm’™}.

4) Spread the knowledge of the Chestahedron, nature’s blueprint for the human heart.

5) Illustrate and invite everyone to explore the connection between their Heart and Earth. 

6) Encourage teachers and coaches to implement easy-to-use, no-cost approaches to increase the heart connection with and between their students and Earth.

7) Help people to discover, track and predict their emotional and other cycles to live in harmony with the waves of life.

8) Publish a unified theory of life that reunites materialistic and spiritual models of life based.

9) Offer a protocol to create inter-planetary heartwaves to amplify empathy in people with great political, economic, spiritual, … power.

10) Collect, preserve, and present indigenous, ancient, and modern knowledge and wisdom about our hearts and the rhythms of life from around the world.‍