Peace Has Been Proven to Be Achieved Through Coherence

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Everything is linked together. Could a typhoon be caused by a butterfly beating its wings? Probably not, but a swarm of butterflies fluttering their wings in a spring meadow is a stunning sight that can provide humans with an indelible sense of connection to nature, the sun, and the earth. Every butterfly, as well as […]

Achieving Collective Heart Rate Variability Coherence Requires Intention, Researchers Conclude

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Over the years, standard interpersonal psycho-behavioral communication assumes that all information transferred between humans gets mediated through the five physical senses—touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Each sense sends information to our brain to help us understand, perceive, react and communicate with the world around us. However, several studies have come to light in recent […]

The Field of Pre/Perinatal Psychology Might Be the Key to Fully Supporting Childhood Heart-Brain Coherence

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When I was in nursing school, there really wasn’t any rotation that I liked other than OB and nurse babies. I’ve always been fascinated by the beginning of things. After I found this work [pre and perinatal psychology], I called my business Wondrous Beginnings, because I feel it captivated a huge opportunity as we’re learning […]

How Does the Earth’s Magnetic Field Affect Heart Coherence?

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When we’re in a heart-coherent state, a particular heart rhythm pattern that ultimately reflects the activity in the branches of our nervous system is more synchronized. It especially reflects our higher brain system activity. The whole neural axis is getting more in-sync, more function in a more optimal state.  Early on in our research, we […]

10 Approaches to Maximize and Sustain Your Life Force Energy

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Life force energy is the vital energy that animates all living things. It is also known as chi, ki, prana, and many other names in different cultures. The Chinese character for chi literally means “breath” or “gas.” In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that chi circulates throughout the body along pathways called meridians. Characteristics […]

The Pivotal Role Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence Play on Improving Mental Health Is Accessible to All

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Mental health refers to how people think, feel, and act when confronted with life’s challenges. It has an impact on how we deal with stress, interact with others, and make decisions. Individuals’ mental health has an impact on how they view themselves, their life, and the people in their lives. Mental health, like physical health, […]

The Great Law of the Universe Suggest All Existence Is Waves—Only Waves, According to This Study

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So, what is everything made of? How do things change and how do they work? What is life? Irving Dardik tackles these questions by describing a new theory, which he entitles “waves that wave”.

The Surprising Correlation Between Memory and the Earth’s Magnetic Field, According to Study

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Over the years, it has been thought and established that all the information in our organism can be represented by two different forms present in the DNA and neurons. DNA is a long molecule that contains our unique genetic code and is stored in sequences of nucleic bases. In a simple way, DNA is like […]

Sacred Geometry Symbols 101 and Breathwork Meditation for Beginners

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Merkaba or mer-ka-ba, one of the sacred geometry symbols, teaches us that in order to become our highest selves, we must activate our mind, body, and spirit. It is the true path to enlightenment, in our spiritual practice on our journey to spiritual awakening and reaching kundalini. Composed of two pyramids with one inverted atop the […]

NFT Collections

NFT collections with the mission to awaken the flowering heart 😀 Which Path Will You Take? No matter what gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, … you label your Self. We are all participating in a historical, existential bifurcation of humanity. Which path will you take? That of the artificial mind? Or that of the flowering […]