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Curious like kids

We are curious by nature and want to explore life. Discover who we are, why we are, where we come from, what this ‘thing’ called life and being human is all about.

While modern technology is a double edged sword for sure, it makes it possible for us to conduct large-scale independent citizen science projects.

We invite you to participate in our research projects to be part of the exploration and discovery of the nature, function and purpose of the human heart and our emotions.

Let’s be curious like kids again, set our preconceptions aside to dive into a words that is stranger and more beautiful than fiction 🙂

Project | Mood Waves

Most people experience the ups and downs of moods and our emotional, mental and physical states as random or as a response to things that happen to us.

Mind-boggling research was conducted in 1936 that showed that our human moods have cyclical patterns, like anything else in nature.

In this project we create a simple app that helps with the systematic tracking of any ‘life-parameter’, be it moods, emotional themes, physical stressors, thoughts, creativity, productivity, or simply any aspect of your self that you want to explore in regards to it’s cycle frequency.

We are working on a whitepaper for this project and hope to launch it by end of 2022.

Project | Spiritual Abuse

Spirituality in the form of yoga, meditation and the new age teachings has become a lifestyle element in the western world.

Most articles, films and statements about these and other spiritual practices and teachers say that they are necessary to heal and become our flowering self.

Unfortunately little is talked about the fact that spiritual practices, especially enlightenment states do not lead to emotional maturity. And there are indications that rather the opposite happens.

In this project we aim to conduct a large-scale simple survey to investigate how many students of spiritual teachers feel in retrospective that they have been spiritually abused. By this we mean emotionally abused by a spiritual authority, e.g. a teacher.

We are working on a whitepaper for this project and hope to launch it in summer of 2022.

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