The Heart Revolution

Why & How Your Heart is the Key
to a Healthy & Fulfilled Life

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Your Physical Heart

  • Why the century old dogma that the heart is a pump needs to be updated asap!
  • Your heart as a ‘connector’ to this planet and all beings
  • Proven, safe, effective and gentle alternatives to drugs
  • The real cause of heart attacks – Only a few doctors know this!
  • Why and how heart disease is reversible
  • How to use your heart wisdom to choose your path to health
  • How mother-child, heart-to-heart bonding determines a child’s life
  • The connection of your heart with all your other bodily organs
  • The growing movement of a ‘new generation’ of cardiologists
  • And so much more …

Your Emotional Heart

  • What the biggest source of stress in our lives really is
  • How to take care of yourself in emotionally challenging situations
  • How ancestral emotional entanglement influences you today
  • How to grow compassion and love in your relationships
  • Why it is important to go beyond fleeing ‘negative’ emotions
  • How to reclaim your life after severe loss and grief
  • How our school system was designed to subdue our hearts
  • How to reconnect with the deeper wisdom of your heart
  • How the loss of a playful childhood impacts our lives
  • And so much more …

Your Spiritual Heart

  • The connection of heart, love and soul
  • How you can use gibberish to reconnect to your heart
  • The different cultural concepts of the true purpose of our hearts
  • The heart teachings of the tantric scriptures
  • The teachings of Sufism about our hearts
  • Your soul’s emotional experiences in the afterlife
  • What emotional triggers tell you about your soul-path
  • How our hearts are connected to this living planet
  • Why following your heart is the only way to live in harmony
  • And so much more …

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