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Discover How to Heal, Empower & Enlighten Your Heart Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually

Get free access to 60+ heart expert sharing insights your doc likely doesn’t know about!


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The Participants Were Delighted

and preventing
heart disease
is just the first step.

Get insights you likely never heard before!

In this event you’ll discover the true potential of your heart for creating the life that most of us long for. A life full of health, freedom, love, prosperity, peace, equality, diversity, individuality, spirituality, clean nature, real food and whatever you wish for

We strongly believe that once you rediscover the real purpose and reignite the full potential of your heart, you’ll be able to live the life you wish for.

Reversing and preventing heart disease is just a small first step …

Discover Your Heart

Your Physical Heart

  • Why your heart is NOT A PUMP – Seriously!
  • Your heart as a ‘connector’ to this planet and all beings
  • Proven, safe, effective and gentle alternatives to drugs
  • The real cause of heart attacks – Only few docs know this!
  • Why and how heart disease is reversible
  • How to use your heart wisdom to choose your path to health
  • How mother-child bonding is linked to your heartfield
  • The connection of your heart and all other bodily organs
  • The growing movement of a ‘new generation’ of cardiologists
  • And so much more …

Your Emotional Heart

  • What the biggest source of stress in our lives really is
  • How to take care of yourself in emotionally challenging situations
  • How ancestral emotional entanglement influences you today
  • How to grow compassion and love in your relationship
  • Why it is important to go beyond fleeing ‘negative’ emotions
  • How to reclaim your life after severe loss and grief
  • How our school system was designed to subdue our hearts
  • How to reconnect with the deeper wisdom of your heart
  • How the loss of a playful childhood impacts our live
  • And so much more …

Your Spiritual Heart

  • The connection of heart, love and soul
  • How you can use gibberish to re-connect to your heart
  • The different cultural concepts of the true purpose of our hearts
  • The heart teachings of the tantric scriptures
  • The teachings of Sufism about our hearts
  • Your soul’s emotional experiences in the afterlife
  • What emotional triggers tell you about your soul-path
  • How our heart is connected to this living planet
  • Why following your heart is the only way to live in harmony
  • And so much more …

Meet Our Inspiring Speakers


Laura Koniver, MD

Grounding is becoming world wide phenomenon | How grounding can improve heart health | How to ground yourself every day for overall well being


Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Earth affects our hearts physically and emotionally | The electromagnetic field of the heart | The crucial significance of Heart Rate Variability


Shamini Jain, Ph.D.

Heart consciousness as an important part of healing | Limits of externalized approaches to healing | The deeper functions of our hearts


Thomas Cowan

Your heart is not a pump | The real cause of heart attacks | The forgotten remedy ouabain


Gerald Pollack, Ph.D., Prof.

The mysteries of water and the truth about our hearts | Water importance to healing and our emotions | The new theory of water and its implications 


Sue Morter, DC

Energetics that influence our lives and how blockages can lead to disease | Explore the heart space and use it to create the life you want to live


Eben Alexander, MD

Near death experience, healing, and unconditional love. | Meditation and the connection between mind and body | Fundamental truths of spirituality


Ocean Robbins

A Food Revolution Spawned by heart disease | Dirty secrets of the food industry that make us fat and sick | A heart for activism


Razi Berry

A spiritually transformative experience healed a heart condition | Replacing self-sabotage with compassion | Love and natural ability to heal.


Sayer Ji

Literature supports natural medicines | Nutritional therapies for atherosclerosis and high blood pressure | Which drugs thwart our emotional heart


Tom O'Bryan, DC

Gluten and how it affects your health. | The link between gluten and autoimmune diseases | Ways to reduce inflammation and prevent heart disease


Deanna Minich, Ph.D.

Influence of heart chakra on emotions and health | Learn the best foods to support physical and emotional heart health | The seven systems of health


James Maskell

Discover a movement that is changing doctors hearts about medicine | How community impacts heart health | Glimpse into the future of cardiology


Jack & Heather Wolfson, DO/DC

The current heart disease industry | A cardiologist embraced natural medicine | The era of patient-centered cardiology


Kabir Helminski

The longings of the heart | Our heart experiences the quality of reality, not the quantity | Our heart as the path to ourselves and the beauty of reality


Christina Rasmussen

The experience of losing a young husband | Discover the process of re-entry so you can live again 


Madan Kataria, MD

Laughing as medicine for the heart and soul | Can we learn to laugh intentionally | Have you ever laughed with your doctor?


Tyna Moore, ND, DC

Strength training and building a healthy heart  | Cardio training for heart health | Benefits of strength training to mood and disease prevention


Aruni Bhatnagar, Ph.D

The connection of environmental and heart health | How nature and trees affect heart health | The emerging field of environmental cardiology


Christoph Kaufmann, MD

Is our heart really a pump? | How our soul is directly connected to our heart | The anthroposophic view of the heart


JP Sears

Humor as a way to explain the authentic self | The keys to self understanding and healing | Your inner source of wisdom and breaking negative patterns


Decker Weiss, ND

Patient Vs Conventional models of Naturopathic Cardiology | Gender differences of heart needs | Neuropathic philosophy defects


Dr. Doni Wilson

The hidden stressors that may be affecting your health | How to manage stress and eliminate stressors | The difference between stress and anxiety


Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

Hawaiian view of the heart | Polynesian philosophy of Huna for effective living | The Hawaiian attitudes of love and peace


Thornton Streeter, D.Sc.

The new view of the ancient chakra – scientific findings | The heart at the center of our existence | Measure and visualize the subtle energy bodies


Keesha Ewers, Ph.D.

The ACE Study and how it impacts adult health. | The autoimmune mindset and the heart. | The influences sex drive and why that is even important.


Ben Lynch, ND

Naturopathic principle to Identify the cause of illness | Key gene pathways and individualized treatments | MTHFR and the link to heart health


Michael Mendizza

The Intelligence of the Heart | Transmission of heart frequency from mother to childe | Harness the intelligence of the heart to optimum performance


Mike Adams

Sludge Blood: What you don’t know about your blood | The importance of holistic perspective on illness | Dawn of a new paradigm in medicine


Elaine Glass

Why is it important to get quiet? | How do you stay peaceful and clear about your purpose?


Harry Massey

PMF and biofeedback electrotherapy and how that is able to resolve pain | How memory in water works | “Hack” the energy systems to become Supercharged


David Freidel, Ph.D., Prof.

Mayan concepts on the role of our hearts | Mayan and Inca cultures on the heart and their influence on our understanding


Jonathan Landsman

The connection between oral health and heart health | Most common but detrimental oral procedure | Naturally take care of your mouth, teeth and gums.


Evan T. Pritchard, Prof.

The Algonquin concept of the heart | Our heart as a compass to ourselves | Living in harmony with our brothers and sisters on this planet


Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

Latest research on the human heart biofield | Your heart & memory and the role of the transplantation effect | The connection of heart and mind


Steven Stosny, Ph.D.

Why loving relationships can turn angry and resentful | How your “Toddler Brain” keeps you stuck in unhealthy patterns | Compassion can transform resentment into love.


Thomas Kruzel, ND

The layers of illness and how the body heals | Principles of naturopathic medicine  | Power of Homeopathy and how it benefits heart health


Peter Gray, Ph.D., Prof.

Playing is good for the heart, physically and emotionally | Self-directed learning frees the heart | The rise in narcissism and fall in resilience


JJ Virgin

The power of mindset | The difference between strength and resilience | 7 steps to not just survive, but thrive during life’s darkest moments.


Joel Kahn, MD

Why a low fat plant-based diet is best for heart patients | Which diets are proven to reverse heart disease | Early sings for heart diseases


Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D., Prof.

Our heart is not just a mechanical pump | Bursts of energy from one heart to another | Visualizing love between two hearts


Mingtong Gu

Traditional chinese medicine view of the heart | The benefits of QiGong on the heart | How these practices and concepts can support a strong heart


Joseph Pearce

The Intelligence of the Heart | The frequency of the heart and how it transmits from mother to child | Harness the intelligence of the heart


Karen Newell

Role of heart and consciousness in well being | Sound technology and access to our higher selves | Tap into the unconditional love in your heart


Jeffrey Long, MD

Near death experience researcher explains evidence of a soul | Stories of near death experiences | Emotions and feelings is at the core of our being


Charley Cropley, ND

How healing is a choice through self mastery | Self healing in 4 areas | Discover how Kindness, Self Control, and Honesty are powerful medicines.


Christopher Wallis, Ph.D.

The true essence of the tantric teachings | The heart from the tantric perspective | You will find yourself in your own heart


Michael Sandler

Access your inner resilience to overcome tragedy and adversity | Listen to and follow your heart to achieve success | Health benefits of earthing 


Alan Christianson, NMD

How the thyroid can damage the heart | Implications of the Whitehall II study | How supporting your adrenals support your heart


Steven Masley, MD

Why fats are important to heart and brain health and which fats are best for cooking. | The link between heart health and sexual function | 


Wendy Myers

Which toxic metals and chemicals promote heart disease | What testing is available to detect toxins and metals | Simple tips to being detoxing today


Michael Murray, ND

The heart-health marker | The truth about statin drugs and know the natural alternatives | The connection between emotional health and heart health.


Peter D'Adamo

The science of ABO blood typing | Best foods, supplements and exercise programs for your blood type | Genomic field and naturopathic medicine


Paul Epstein, ND

Healing power of mindfulness | How stress & trauma (past and present) can impact on heart health | Practical applications of mindfulness 


Ilarion Merculieff

Learn wisdom from an Aleut elder | Our heart knows it all | Gibberish – and unusual way to reconnect with your heart


Charan Surdhar

Epigenetic principles | The effect of your emotions and beliefes on your genes | How your heart/emotions influence your gene expressions


Drew Christensen, MD

What the ancient Egyptians knew about the heart | How does a heavy heart affect our health? | How a change of heart empowers health


Ameet Agarwal, ND

How generational trauma can affect physical and emotional health. | Techniques to heal trauma | How future generations benefit from healing the past


Lee Harris

Follow your heart’s intuition to uncover your life’s | Why we fear change and desire it at the same time | Set boundaries while keeping an open heart


Shawn Tassone, MD, Ph.D.

Byrd study and how cardiac patients responded to healing energy | Understand placebo and nocebo | How thought and energy affect the body

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