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Once it's accepted that the heart is not a pump, a 300 year old dogma will end.
This worldview shift will be similar in magnitude as was the shift from flat Earth to sphere Earth.

If it turns out that the heart is not a pump, a 300 year old dogma will end.

This fundametal worldview shift will be similar in magnitude like the shift from the geo


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intriguing parallels between the crypto revolution and the heart revolution: both establishing a fundamental shift in worldview and force distribution. empowering humans around the globe.
while crypto uses 1-0 based electrical currency, thr uses organic aether waves, comonly called emotions as currency. [from current = flow]
any technology is built by humans and used by humans.
these humans either create driven by wounded hearts [emotional wounds from prior lifetimes, mother-child-transferred emotional patterns during pregnancy, or ACE adverse childhood events.
as long as a healed heart is the leader, the mind cannot mess up society and environment.
we’re here to help reinstate the heart as the leader, guru, government, teacher, healer and what not 🙂
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The Heart Revolution is an exploration & celebration of life and being human driven by the question “Why do we have a heart?”

Do you know the purpose of your heart?

If you think your heart is a pump you are in for a big surprise. A scientific and spiritual revolution is on its way. And you play an important role!

Curious why your heart is at the center of every aspect of your life?