NFT Collections

Thank you for your interest in our NFTs!
This page will tell you a bit more about the context of the NFTs, what they are all about. We’ll share our view on the value of our NFTs and you’ll be able to preview upcoming drops and get on our NFT mailing list.
So, let’s get started 🙂

Value Increase

If you purchase our NFTs you might help increase it’s value actively: we assume that, as we progress on our mission and our projects becomes more widely known, it will increase the value of our NFTs.
This is just our assumption and of course in no way guaranteed!! The NFTs could also loose value. Never invest money you can’t afford to loose!
In other words, help us spread awareness about the heart revolution and we might have a win-win-win-win situation 🙂

Collections & Drops

Our collections usually consist of 30-90 unique 1/1 pieces.
We do not release all of them at once. Because our NFTs are explorations of various aspects of life, universe, heart and being human we always learn new things.
And as we discover new aspects and explore various ways to symbolically encode our findings in our artworks, they become more sophisticate over time.
That’s why we rather add a handful of new NFTs each week.
We aim to drop new items each Tuesday & Wednesday.

Creative Process

The NFTs we offer are based on illustrations and artworks we create for our magazine, feature documentary, graphic novel and other upcoming projects.
We love collage art because it feels like a good representation of our approach to exploring life and the heart. All the stories we find, be it in the form of scientific studies, interviews or our own experience are like puzzle pieces, or like collage snippets.

Then we weave these story pieces, like creating a collage with visual pieces together to form the heart revolution storyverse.
We are inspired by scientific as well as spiritual stories.
So the NFTs, if put together in various ways, visualize stories we find in our ongoing exploration.
The majority of the visual elements are snippets from real vintage content, that we collected and still collect from various museums around the digital world. They are all in the public domain.
We differentiate our illustrations in two categories. Mood-illustrations play with symbolic elements to create a mood.
Technical illustrations visualize ‘technical’ information, meaning it accurately represents specific scientific or spiritual statements about the heart.  




We also collaborate with other artists, organizations and teams to bring unique NFT collections to life.

If you feel aligned and moved by our vision and mission and think we might collaborate on an NFT collection, we’d love to hear from you!

Public Roadmap


The Heart Revolution storyverse consists of our magazine, a documentary series, illustrations, citizen science projects, coloring books, music, graphics novels, apps, courses and more to come.



Projects & Timelines

Online Event | Q1'2017
Online Magazine | Q3'2021
Boutique | Q4'2021
Relaunch Online Event | THR | Q1'2022
NFT Collections | Q1'2022
NFT Collaborations | Q1'2022
CC-BY-ND Illustration Library | Q1'2022
Coloring Book | Q3'2022
Music Album | The Heartbeat of Life | Q4'2022
Graphic Novel "Memories of the Future" | Q4'2022
MyWaves App | Q1'2023
Feature Documentary | THR Life | Q1'2023
Feature Documentary | THR 7 | Q1'2024
Feature Documentary | THR Waves | Q1'2025

Mint on Demand


We release only those of our artworks that we like best. But who knows, maybe you like one of our artworks that we would not mint.

So we also offer Mint on Demand: you can check all our works on our airtable page and send us a request if you want to an artwork as an NFT.




We are a small, but definitely passionate and inspired team.

And we won’t stop until we sparked a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary, world-wide discussion about the function, purpose and potential of the human heart 🙂


Available NFTs


We are a small, but definitely passionate and inspired team.

And we won’t stop until we sparked an inter-disciplinary, world-wide discussion about the nature and potential of the human heart 🙂