We’re on a Mission

We love to play this massive multi-player game called Be.H•u•m•å•π.
Best game ever in our opinion. Sadly, this awesome full-immersion experience is filled with lots of unnecessary suffering for millions of players.

In decades of research into why this game feels so messed up and manipulated, we believe we found the key to making it a more likely paradise for all players.

The stories [=puzzle pieces] we gathered, from personal experience to interviews with scientific experts and spiritual leaders, suggest that a scientific revolution and spiritual awakening has begun. And Your Heart is at the center of this revolution.

To be more precise, the forgotten, ignored and intentionally hidden function and potential of your heart.

Our mission is to use art to help heal, awaken & empower hearts across Earth.

We use a cross-media story-telling approach, which includes our online magazine, documentary series, online event, NFT collections, illustration gallery, coloring book, music, and more.

Our NFTs have a Purpose

I’m a Gen X dude, and when I grew up in Germany all I was interested in was finding out why the heck I existed. And luckily my parents always supported this quest, actually to this very day.

I’m a happy camper, because they let me try and do pretty much whatever I wanted. And yes, this comes with some downsides later one, but they never stopped me from trying to find my own purpose in life.

This is the purpose of our NFTs:

  • Encode in artistic, playful and lighthearted ways, cutting-edge information about your heart and how to awaken it to its full potential.
  • Help us raise the necessary funding so we can continue our mission.