NFT collections with the mission to awaken the flowering heart 😀

Which Path Will You Take?

No matter what gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, … you label your Self. We are all participating in a historical, existential bifurcation of humanity.

Which path will you take?

That of the artificial mind?

Or that of the flowering heart?

Will you become a humachine or a humanimal?

To help all of us make an informed decision, we share our findings about the nature and function of the human heart.

Your heart is not what you think it is …

Heart Times Ahead

Disconnected from the heart, our minds have constructed insane cultures based on misguided concepts like gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, nationality, education, wealth, and on and on.

Haven’t these cultures caused suffering for far too long? The age of the heartless mind is [hopefully now] coming to an end.

A new era {=cycle/wave/epoch/cosmic heartbeat} has begun. Whether it turns out to become paradise for you, humanity and Earth might depend on how many of us choose to awaken their flowering heart.

As your heart awakens, you realize what life is all about.

Follow Your Flowering Heart

What if not more, better, faster high-tec, but awakening our mechanized hearts is the key to a healthier, more peaceful and heartful future?

When your heart awakens you’ll sees beyond polarities. You can then experience your connection to everyone and everything. To your Self [or soul, spirit, god, whatever you want to call it], other people, animals and plants, Earth and the rest of the youniverse. And you can experience heaven/paradise, right here, right now.

We invite every curious and daring heart out there to join our party & revolution because …

Life is so much more when you live it heartcore 😀

What will a world led by flowering hearts look like?

It's For All Of Us

The Heart Revolution is dedicated to all the unicorns, the princesses and knights, misfits, and rebels. The forever-young-at-heart, the lovers, poets, scientists and artists who often felt they did not fit in or belong here!

And of course everyone who longs to have a more peaceful and heartful world.

Our time is now.

There is Nothing Wrong With You!

Nothing was ever wrong with us. But nearly everything is wrong with cultures, societies and systems that were and are forged with fear by minds disconnected from the heart.

It doesn’t matter what gender, race, sexual orientation, faith, culture … you think ‘you are’. 

All that matters is your awakening, flowering Heart.

Who We Are & What We Do

The Heart Revolution is a story, community and movement in its infancy, helping people and cultures to go from their caterpillar to their butterfly state by realizing the purpose and function of the human heart.

Via our Boutique NFT collections, online magazine, documentaries, online event, and more projects to come, we share our combined 200+ years of research into the question “Why do we have a heart?”

Our NFT Collections

Our NFT Debut Collection is “The Heart = ?”.

It will consist of a few handful unique, handcrafted 1/1 NFTs. We are not yet sure how many exactly, because we go with the flow and will only release our best pieces.

One exciting aspect of our debut collection is that it contains some diptychs, triptychs, and even a quadriptych!

Starting early April 2022, we’ll auction a handful of NFTs each week.

We love NFTs and Earth, so we chose Solana for being much more ecofriendly than Ethereum.

You will find our collections on these marketplaces.

Previews of 'The Heart =?'

The final NFTs are further refined and each piece has it’s own little story puzzle attached.

More Collections Coming Soon

We are already working on several other collage art collections. All celebrating and exploring the mysteries of life, our hearts and being human.

We can assure you this is not an ARG [Alternate Reality Game], but an Actual Reality Game! [ARGme]

Take a sneak peak 🙂

These are mostly sketches. The final NFTs are further refined and all have story puzzle pieces attached to it, so you can start connecting the dots and see the big new picture of the ‘new’ heart.

Thank You Early Collectors

Entering the NFT stage is both exciting and a bit intimidating for us. The first collectors of our artwork will surely have a special place in our hearts.

As a thank you gift, the first 10 collectors will receive one NFT of one of our upcoming collections within one month after their first purchase.

Giving Back & Flow of Money

Supporting other organizations, projects and individuals with similar visions, values and missions as ours is dear to our hearts.

Here is what happens with money from our NFT sales [this might vary a bit depending on the collection and collaborations]:

Creative Process

We love collage art as a medium to explore life and the Heart. Many of our NFTs are based on illustrations we create for our magazine and feature documentary.

To us, collage art is a visual representation of our approach to exploring life and the heart. All the stories we collect and present, form scientific studies, interviews with experts to personal experiences are like puzzle pieces. We then weave these puzzle pieces together, similar to creating a collage and out comes The Heart Revolution storyverse.

We love and are inspired by scientific and spiritual stories and perspectives about life, our hearts and being human!

The Artworks

In 100s of hours foraging through digital museums worldwide, we created a library of 1000+ original vintage public domain elements. These are the raw ingredients for our collages.

The recurring symbols you’ll find are the heart [duh], flowers, caterpillars and butterflies, geometric forms, machines, mathematical formulas and many more. With these, we encode multi-layered, non-linear information about the mysteries of our hearts in our collages.

We differentiate our NFTs in three categories.

Mood-illustrations play with symbolic elements to create a mood.

Technical illustrations visualize ‘technical’ information, meaning they artistically represent specific scientific or spiritual statements about the heart.

And just fun and entertaining artworks celebrating the mysteries of the human heart & being human without any specific agenda 🙂

Our Longterm Value

Before you invest even one dollar into NFTs, please understand this! A visionary tech-investor about the NFT space:

Here are some reasons why we believe our NFT collections will gain value over this decade. And, of course, there is no guarantee that they will increase in value!
  • We won’t stop until the 400 year-old, obsolete dogma “the heart is a pump” is replaced with a new, more accurate and holistic idea. The scientific evidence is on the table. So it’s just a matter of persistence until we get this story into smaller and eventually bigger publications. As we ignite a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary discussion about the heart, more and more people will hear about The Heart Revolution.
  • We are working on several small and high-profile projects that will accumulate attention over time. [documentary series, online event, online boutique, coloring book, citizen science projects, high-caliber collaborations, graphic novel, ground-breaking app, and more]
  • Continuing our mission is not dependent on our NFT collections. We have other sources of funding that enable us to continue our work.
  • We don’t just tell an entertaining new story about the heart and life, but we reveal a new lifestyle ‘follow your heart & find your rhythm’ that brings 1000s of years of spiritual and scientific explorations into a coherent, simple way of life that anyone can live anywhere to be more in harmony with themselves and nature. This lifestyle goes far beyond and much deeper than mainstream yoga, meditation and alike.
  • The value is also in the community becoming a movement. As more and more people increase their quality of life through the ‘follow your heart & find your rhythm’ lifestyle, we believe the value of the NFTs will also be correlated.

Flowering Heart Collectors

The kind of NFT collectors we’d love to attract are what we call ‘conscious investors’. These are the awakening hearts that feel and know that life is about much, much more than money, fame and fast cars.

There is nothing wrong with having money, fame and fast cars. It’s just that there is much more to a healthy & fulfilled life. (Ask those who have it all and much more and still feel sad, lonely and lost 😉
Also, if we would encourage highly speculative NFT collecting, we’d neither help awaken and empower our collector’s nor our own hearts.

Heading Towards a Revolution

DYOR | You know that you need to research each NFT projects you might invest in carefully. Here is our roadmap, so you can see what we are working on and where we are.

The timelines might change due to the complexity of our undertaking. But we won’t stop until these and more projects are realized.

Roadmap & Timelines

Online Event | Q1'2017
Online Magazine | Q3'2021
Boutique | Q1'2022
Relaunch Online Event | THR | Q1'2022
NFT Debut | Q1'2022
NFT Collaborations | Q2'2022
CC-BY-ND Illustration Library | Q2'2022
Coloring Book | Q4'2022
Global Guerilla Awareness Campaigns| Q4'2022
MyWaves App | Q1'2023
Music Album | The Heartbeat of Life | Q2'2023
Graphic Novel "Memories of the Future" | Q2'2023
Feature Documentary | THR Life | Q1'2023
Feature Documentary | THR 7 | Q1'2024
Feature Documentary | THR Waves | Q1'2025


Our vision is to have paradise on Earth {again}. For us that means that we all live together based on healthy, heartfelt connections with our Selves and each other [that includes plants, animals and ‘our’ planet Earth], despite all our  differences.

Our mission goals are …

1) Increase awareness of the strong scientific evidence that warrants a serious investigation of the idea that the human heart is not a pump. 

2) Ignite a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary discussion about the purpose and function of our hearts.

3) Inspire people to explore their full potential via the ‘follow your heart & find your rhythm’™ lifestyle.

4) Spread the knowledge of the Chestahedron, nature’s blueprint for the human heart.

5) Illustrate and invite everyone to explore the connection between their heart and Earth

6) Encourage teachers and coaches to implement easy-to-use, no-cost approaches to increase the heart connection with and between their students and Earth.

7) Help people to discover, track and predict their emotional and other cycles to live in harmony with life.

8) Publish a new model of emotions based on modern aether physics and spiritual wisdom

9) Offer a protocol to create coherent inter-planetary heartwaves to people in power stay connected to the heart of their Self.

10) Collect, preserve, and present both indigenous & ancient, and modern knowledge and wisdom about our hearts and the rhythms of life from around the world.‍

The Team

It took years to find the right folks, those with an awakening, flowering heart … but now we are a small, but definitely passionate and inspired team.
Here we’ll drop the names only, but you can read more details on our team page.
Thank you all so much for being part of the Heart Revolution!
Ahmed, Alexandra, Anna, Arvin, Benedikt, Elinor, Elizabeth, Emilia, Frank, Isabel, Janet, Jena, Joe, Jordan, Lisa, Michelle, Oleksandr, Razi, Rebekka, Silke.

Recommended Reading

If you have a seriously curious heart and mind, here are some books we recommend to at least start mentally grasping the mysteries and potential of your heart. Embodying a flowering heart, of course, is a whole different story 😉

Director's Statement

Since I was 13 I wanted to find the ultimate secret of life and the universe. At that time I was sure that only theoretical physicists would be able to do this. So my goal was to become a theoretical physicist, formulate the unified field theory [the theory that would explain everything in the universe] and find the deepest secret of life.

I also had a few more very strong opinions. For one, the state of the world felt so f^ckd up to me that I wished I was a billionaire like Bruce Wayne and had a small ninja army that could eliminate all the horrible evil people in power that made the lives of millions so miserable. 

[Of course today I’m wiser and I surely know that this is not a solution. I actually found a much better solution]]

I was also convinced that entertainment was a waste of human life-time. And, believe it or not, I actually felt very strongly that each human would have to do something valuable for humanity, otherwise they did not deserve the gift of being human.

Yeah, I know, heavy stuff for a seemingly sweet little 13 year-old boy from Bavaria.

I began to read books about black holes and quantum physics. And the more I read the more it dawned on me that this would not be enough. To find the mysteries of life, I would have to study every field of human inquiry, from physics, and the natural sciences to music and psychology. 

I certainly did not feel that I could do this. 

Bang, and there I fell into a long dark night of the soul.

I took years for me to find my Self again. 

Life took me down a very different road. In my early 20s, while working as a sound designer in the German movie industry I got very interested in the spiritual side of life. In my 20s and 30s I explored various paradigms. I passed the German naturopath exam and spent nearly 10 years intensely hands, or rather, heart-on, exploring an emotional healing paradigm.

When I now look back at life I wonder: Who guided me all along to where I am today?

Many things have reversed [which Frank Chester says is one function of our hearts]. I believe art is as valuable as science and spirituality. I even believe art might be a better medium to explore and express those mysteries of life that can never be captured in formulas or words.

I also believe no one has to do anything to deserve life and be loved.

And I can’t believe I say that, but I did find what is to me the deepest mystery and secret of life. Guess what it has to do with 😉

[on a side-note: I also accidentally found the holy grail 😀

I feel like I just got started, and I know I will keep exploring the mysteries of the Heart via art for the rest of my life.

So, let’s get the party started 😀

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