5 Ways to Empower Your Clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance means “clear seeing” and is one of your psychic abilities you already may be using if you’re someone who often visualizes things in your mind’s eye. It is the extrasensory perception of sight, an inner seeing, your ability to receive intuitive information without using your physical eyes.

What does it mean to be clairvoyant?

Being clairvoyant simply means you communicate with your intuition through your imagination. Society at large writes off the imagination as something that doesn’t exist in reality. “It’s just in your imagination,” they’ll tell you about the monsters under your bed as a kid, meaning, “Don’t worry, it’s not real.”

Yet every single thing that has ever been created on Earth by a human first existed in the realm of imagination. Nothing has ever come to reality without first passing through the space of thought.

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Clairvoyance is an innate and intuitive ability

Imagination is an actual realm of existence, another dimension perhaps, where you can play with and experience clairvoyance. Very skilled and practiced clairvoyants can tap into this second sight to see future events or have a prophetic vision, but clairvoyance is not only affiliated with precognition. It can simply be the state of receiving knowledge, information, insight, intelligence, and guidance through your imagination or mind’s eye.

Being clairvoyant means you can connect with spirit, your intuition, highest self, guides, nature, and the invisible cosmic realms through your own power of envisioning. Clairvoyant information comes in through the form of visions and dreams, through some sort of visual representation of a thought, a flash of a picture in your mind, like the scene of a movie.

It can also mean you have the ability to see energy with your physical eyes, which could mean seeing auras or the energy field around things, you may see flashes of light in the corner of your eye when an angel or guide is near, you may see sparkles and energy floating in the sky, see orbs or even other beings. 

This is an interview with Darlene Waddell from our upcoming feature documentary about the function and purpose of the human heart.

How do you become a clairvoyant?

You were born with the sixth sense of clairvoyance, you just might not realize it yet. Although it is a female form of knowing, men also have it and can develop it. You can improve your natural clairvoyant ability and begin to tap into it consciously by playing in your mind’s eye.

5 Practical tips to strengthen your clairvoyance

You’ll want to consciously practice visualizing and cultivating your ability to see images clearly in your mind. You can start by trying to imagine specific objects, pieces of art, or things around you. Hold the image in your mind and practice cultivating more and more details, and see how long you can stay focused on it.

Try out a guided meditation that takes you through a visualizing journey, where you can imagine lights, colors, images, and different places. This helps you start getting a sense of how psychic energy is represented in your own mind’s visual dictionary.

Pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal if it interests you. Often clairvoyant messages come through in dreams when your conscious mind takes a back seat, and your subconscious mind gets to play out the energies from the day.

Try visual memory games, where you have to find matching pairs of cards, or study a collection of objects for 30 seconds and then go in another room and write down everything you can remember. Activities where you utilize and develop your visual memory will help you better discern and understand clairvoyant information when it comes through.

Take time to let your mind wander and your imagination fly. Sit for 5 minutes and visualize your dream life or the grandest adventures and most amazing things you can dream of. Take yourself on wild adventures in your mind, go to other planets, take a ride on an eagle’s wings, eat spaghetti in the perfect hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the middle of Italy… whatever your imagination can conjure. 

The more you utilize your mind’s eye and let it run free and wild, the better it will be able to communicate back with you what your intuition wants you to know, through visions, flashes, dreams, and signs everywhere you look.

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What is the role of your heart in developing your clairvoyance?

The Heart Revolution is an exploration of life and being human based on the question “Why do we have a heart?”, or less poetically and more technically “What is the function of the human heart?”

From our research and experience we know that the blossoming of your psychic skills comes naturally as you take care of ever deeper healing your heart, that is your emotional wounds.

Just as there is no need for meditation to find inner peace or reach ‘higher’ states of consciousness, there is no need to do any spiritual practices to develop your clairaudience. As you embody more and more of your natural, organic, beautiful self and align your heart with mother Earth, you will blossom in all your aspects, just as our plant siblings begin to blossom when it is their time every spring.

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