Clairtangency is the rarest psychic ability. Do you possess it?

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Have you ever touched an object or person and experienced an inner knowing through your intuitive senses? Or maybe you’ve touched something and knew way more about it than just its physical components. If so, you’ve definitely experienced some level of clairtangency.

Whether received information is about an individual’s past or a foretelling event, clairtangency is a psychic ability, unlike the others. Also known as psychometry, clairtangency’s etymology translates to clear touch. In this case, unlike clairaudience (clear hearing) or clairvoyance (clear seeing), the abilities that accompany clairtangency rely on a physical touch that, in turn, leads to a psychic sensation.  In some cases, psychometry can be utilized as a tool in solving mysteries.

The word “clairtangency” is derived from the French word “clair” meaning clear, and “tangent” meaning touch. It is a rare psychic ability in which the practitioner can receive information about an object or person by touching it. Clairtangents are often able to see past events that have taken place in an object’s history and can even glimpse future events.

This extraordinary ability is thought to be linked to the psychic’s “third eye” or sixth sense. When the third eye is open, clairtangents are able to tune into the vibrational energy that surrounds us all. This energy is said to hold the memories of everything that has ever happened, and clairtangents are able to access this information through touch.

Clairtangency 101:

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There are only a handful of people in the world who are thought to possess this psychic sense, and it is believed that they are born with it. However, it is not to say you can’t develop clairtangency through devotion, energy clearing, and practice. People who are clairtangent are able to sense things beyond the five senses. They might know something is going to happen before it happens, or they might be able to feel the energy of a person or place.

What is clairtangency, exactly?

Ok, so we’ve defined the word and rooted its meaning from an etymology perspective, but what does it mean to have a “clear touch” anyway?

Well, if we strip this ability to a base level of perception, think about dirty laundry. That dirty shirt in your hamper might have some stains on it or maybe it smells horrific from that long hike you went on. Whatever your story is, that shirt carries an energetic imprint as a result of its physical experience. So, the same applies to more subtle levels of historical energy. A deeper dive into this example might allude to a thrifted T-shirt. The memories or experiences of the person who wore it before donating it might still linger. If a clairtangent individual were to purchase or touch it, then they might receive a vision or a feeling about the shirt’s past. 

There are different degrees of clairtangency. Some people are only mildly clairtangent, while others are extremely sensitive to energy and can sense things that other people cannot. At the same time, each experience can vary in levels of intensity or clarity. 

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What causes clairtangency?

There is no one proven answer to this question. Some people are born with the ability to sense energy and can tap into it from an early age. Other times, people will develop it later in life. 

Some people believe that clairtangency is a gift from God or the universe. Others believe that it is a result of past lives or reincarnation.

There is no scientific proof that clairtangency exists. However, there are many people who claim to have the ability to sense energy.

Clairtangency is a mysterious ability that is not fully understood. However, there are many people who claim to have this ability. If you want to develop your own clairtangency, even throughout history.

3 Powerful Practices to Test Clairtangency Abilities

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Since clairtangency relies on physical touch, each of these practices will require an object in the material form.

  1. Try touching different objects and see if you can “read” them. Start with small, everyday objects like keys or a pen. Once you get comfortable with this, move on to bigger objects like furniture or even buildings. As you master this another approach might entail touching objects that have a rich history like antiques or thrifted items. 
  2. Pay attention to your dreams and see if you can find any symbolism in them. While dreams unfold in the celestial realm, see if any recurring symbols are present in your waking life. Reflect on the way you may have felt in the dream space before connecting with the physical object in reality. Clairtangents, along with others who tap into subtle energy, often have very vivid dreams that are full of meaning. Transfer what you gather from your sleep and deepen your learning once you awaken. Perhaps you touched a door knob during a dream adventure that made you feel excited or nervous. Where were you? Where were you coming from? Where were you going? Is there a similar place in your waking reality? How can you apply this to your life? It is all subjective and only you can know so trust yourself and devote yourself to the practice!
  3. Keep a journal and write down any impressions or images you get when you touch something. This will help you to better understand your ability and how it works. In reviewing and 

If you think you may be a clairtangent, there are a few additional things you can do to develop your ability. This is standard for most psychic abilities as they all connect with subtle energy. Practice meditation and visualization exercises to help open your third eye. You might even feel called to work with specific crystals for your third eye like Amethyst, for example.

If you don’t have crystals or find it difficult to land in stillness during meditation, spend time in nature and connect with the Earth’s energy. Not only do nature’s landscapes pull you into deep layers of serenity, but there are additional benefits that the Earth can provide in reducing inflammation, harmonizing heart rate variability, and removing toxins. However, whichever route you choose most importantly, trust your intuition-it will never steer you wrong. You can read every book out there and work with many guides and mentors, but nothing will compare to your inner knowledge. Hone this relationship with yourself and you will grow to become unstoppable!

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