An exploration and celebration of life,
our hearts
& being human

If it turns out that our heart is not a pump,
our view on every aspect of life might need an update.

Explore with us how the human heart is involved in every aspect of life, from before the first heartbeat to beyond the last.

Even from before the birth of all universes to beyond their endings.

Wanna find out why your heart could be the key to everything you ever longed for?

Choose your path and discover worldviews you haven’t seen before …


Let’s forget everything we’ve been told about spirituality and explore our inner worlds with the eyes and hearts of a child again.

And discover why your heart is the key to …


There are so many fascinating aspects of our hearts. Some may sound stranger than fiction … yet you can still explore them yourself.

If you’ve been told that your heart is a pump you might wanna sit down first 😉


Could there be something like emotional enlightenment? A state called enheartenment that allows you to experience that there is no negative emotion. And makes you feel your relationship to everything in existence …


Could it be that we still don’t have a clear and straighforward understanding of a full potential state of health?

As you begin to connect the dots between your heart, rhythms, nature, vibration and energy, your view on health will change fundamentally?


Over the years of exploring the connection of our hearts to all aspects of life,

we had the chance to interview best-selling authors, esteemed scientists, heartful teachers, insightful doctors and many more experts …


Every once in a while a good quote can actually spark some inspiration. Here are our collections of hand-picked favorite quotes, along with links to dive deeper.

If you believe your heart is a pump
and the universe is meaningless,
you’re in for a big surprise.

One palpable characteristic of our hearts is that they are in motion, continually pulsing. Not just random, but rhythmically. And it’s not just your heart that moves rhythmically. The whole universe, from the smallest ‘thing’ to the most humongous ‘thing’ waves in its own rhythms. Life and this universe are not random phenomena and not deterministic, mechanistic either. It seems to be something in between, yet very, very alive.

This story we are all part of, this journey we call ‘being human’ is undoubtedly a breath-taking, mind-boggling, and heart-breaking [and heart-healing :-} adventure.

Explore with us a fundamentally different worldview and lifestyle based on a dogma-shaking scientific revolution, which is also a spiritual awakening. Everything you’ve been told about your heart, health, and life has to be rewritten …

We boiled down the simple guidance for this lifestyle to “Follow Your Heart & Find Your Rhythm”. Because this beautifully summarizes the essential ‘to-dos’ of this lifestyle.

We are already curious to see your face when you experience how this lifestyle alters how you fundamentally perceive and live your life. Based on simple, accessible experiments, you can discover something so unbelievable; if we would tell you right now, you’d think we are wackadoodles. And we’d love to hear and learn from you and your explorations and discoveries!

While we collaborate with diverse writers, artists, and researchers, who share their perspectives on all aspects of human life, our magazine’s core mission is to bring attention to this lifestyle we named ‘Follow your heart and find your rhythm.’

And if you like our little vision and mission and want to support us, it would be great if you could share this page with those of your friends that you think might really like and value it.

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