Ancient stories from around the world tell us that we once lived in paradise here on Earth. A state of harmony with ourselves and each other {= humans, animals, and nature.}

Many people today believe that if we invent better technologies, we’ll soon have a better life. Yet despite ever-increasing technification, seemingly more and more people struggle with war, poverty, loneliness, chronic disease, and other heart-breaking situations.

At the same time, more and more people are attracted to the ‘spiritual idea’ of ‘mind over matter,’ the idea that our mind is the key to creating the life we wish for. And meditation and enlightenment are claimed to be the paths. Yet we have seen over and over again that so-called enlightened masters behave as immature and even toxic as the average person.

Both our mind and the technologies it conceived are of seemingly undeniable relevance for our lives.

Self-honoring is the forgotten counter part to self-love. Both need each other to guide the soul to a fulfilled human life.

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in and explore with us how the Heart is involved in every aspect of
life, from before the first heartbeat to beyond the last. Even from
before the birth of all universes to beyond their endings.

Wanna find out why your heart could be the key to everything you ever longed for?

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The Heart Revolution is an exploration & celebration of life and being human driven by the question “Why do we have a heart?”

Do you know the purpose of your heart?

If you think your heart is a pump you are in for a big surprise. A scientific and spiritual revolution is on its way. And you play an important role!

Curious why your heart is at the center of every aspect of your life?