We would love to create a unique virtual Heart Revolution event for you and your community.
We work with organizations, foundations, advocacy groups, employee resource groups, and institutions big and small worldwide to help them see the importance of the heart for their community.

Our virtual events are created individually for each partner and can consist of these elements:

  • Access to a special edition of our online summit [with experts relevant to your community]
  • An informative, interactive quiz about the purpose of the heart and why it is relevant to your community
  • Explore & discuss kit/brochure with ideas of how to bring ‘more heart’ into your community
  • Private online screening of our documentary [the cut that is most relevant for your community]
  • A Q&A panel with the director, producers, experts from the film, and additional experts
  • Any other engaging and valuable ideas we develop together with you


We are flexible in any aspect of the creation and execution of our virtual events. Usually, the process goes like this:

  • You fill out the form below to give us an idea of the virtual event you’d like to run
  • We have a phone call to get to know each other and discuss what would be the most valuable event for your community
  • We’ll need around 2-4 months to prepare the virtual event and promotional material for you
  • You start sharing the upcoming event with your community
  • On the launch day, your community can log in to the event website and have access to the expert interviews, the movie, quizzes, …
  • Usually, on the final day, we have the live Q&A/panel discussion