For eons, indigenous traditions have told us
that we are connected to Earth.

Most people today think this is mere
metaphoric, mythical sentiment …

Recent scientific studies have found
something that could reunite humanity.

We are all connected to Earth
and each other
in profound ways.

The Heart

A poetic science exploration
& celebration of our hearts
& being Earthlings

If you think your heart is a pump,
you’re in for a big surprise.

Your heart is not what you think it is …

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Our Documentary


Our poetic science documentary is structured into eight archetypal chapters of life. We start with the one that is sadly the last for most people: Disease.

Then we look at Change, Love, Birth, School, Earth, Death, and Rebirth. We follow the lead characters and explore our heart’s purpose in these chapters of life.

Chapter | D I S E A S E
A young surgeon in New Delhi prepares for an open heart surgery on a senior woman. Due to her heart condition, she can no longer continue her life as usual. Her biggest wish is to have more time to practice her faith …
Chapter | C H A N G E
Prof. Pollack and his team made discoveries that might lead to a scientific revolution. “It’s been proposed by some that we’ve discovered pretty much everything. This is so wrong. There’s so much we need to know, especially in areas of consciousness ..."
Chapter | L O V E
Kabir Helminski shares the Sufi’s insights into the nature and purpose of the heart. “What if we are reflections of a greater reality? The individual longs to experience the source from which we came, and that source, its quality, has something to do with this mystery we call love ..."
Chapter | B I R T H
Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty shares her view from decades of working as a pre and perinatal psychologist. “From our pre and perinatal understanding of how conscious babies are, I think we’re discovering a lot about how to awaken the heart from the beginning of life.”
Chapter | S C H O O L
Milli, like many eight-year-old girls, has challenges in school. Yet, inspired by her friend, within just 4 weeks, she learns to literally see the world through her heart - while she is blindfolded. We all are born with this seemingly extraordinary spiritual gift..."
Chapter | E A R T H
“We now have this system for measuring the Earth’s magnetic fields. It’s kind of metaphorically like measuring the heart rhythms and brainwaves of planet Earth. As it turns out, it may not be a metaphor ..."
Chapter | D E A T H
... . . . .. ..
. . .. ..
. . ..
. ..
Chapter | R E B E A R T H
What if our ‘way back’ to paradise begins with consciously synchronizing our hearts to the heartbeats of Earth?


After years of working on our feature documentary, we are finally in post-production, and our film will be completed by November 2023.

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The Heart Revolution takes you on an impressionistic journey through human life, playfully exploring what our heart is all about.

From before the first heartbeat to beyond the last. From before the creation {≈systole of the cosmic heartbeat} to beyond the end of the universe {≈cosmic diastole}.

We paint a new picture of our hearts and hint at how it may be the key to living together peacefully with Earth despite all our differences.
After 7 years of researching the blood circulation in chicken embryos, Prof. Pollack and Dr. Li summarize their ground-breaking findings as “Something other than the heart is driving the blood circulation.” Their discoveries might be the overture to a scientific revolution.

The question now is, ‘What’s the purpose of the human heart?’

“It’s really not a big jump to understand how we’re the same resonant frequency [both brain and heart] as Earth and through resonant coupling that we can transfer energy, information, thoughts, emotions, intuitions between us and the Earth’s field.”

Dr. Rollin McCraty and the Heartmath Institute have been conducting research revealing surprising insights into the human heart for decades.

Their studies show how we are all connected to and affected by Earth’s magnetic field. Our hearts have impact on each other, and we send what we think and feel into ‘our planets’ magnetic field, which then impacts the rest of humanity.

After Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty was trained as a nurse, she studied psychology and worked with hundreds of infants and their parents as a pre- and perinatal psychologist.
What she discovered about babies’ consciousness put the currently accepted view on its head. The heart-to-heart connection between mothers and babies is where it all starts. It is a major key to a flowering life for all of us.

“Babies are more conscious in some ways than we are because they’re functioning in two worlds very consciously, flipping back and forth between their transcendent self and this little human body and human self. And that self-relationship, to me, is of primary importance. We want it to be as heart-centered as possible.
Because it’s that flourishing heart that helps us be who we are.”

As we travel through the chapters of human life, we explore the scientific and spiritual dimensions of the heart and our vital connection to ‘our’ planet.

“What to do with the heart, how to develop it, how to awaken it? I think this is a very fundamental human question, if not the fundamental human question.”

Kabir Helminski has been learning, teaching, and embodying Sufism for about forty years. He translated the poetry of Rumi, wrote books about Sufi wisdom, and travelled around the world with the whirling dervishes.

“Just as you have a sense for sight or a sense of smell or a sense of taste, what if you also had a sense for unity? A sense that could encompass the unity of existence. That could make you feel at one with the trees, with the garden, with other human beings, with the atmosphere, with the oceans.“
“You do have that sense, and it can be developed. It can become your primary organ of perception.”
Anita Moorjani fell into a coma and died of cancer. In her near-death-experience, she realized ‘life-changing’ things about love, her cancer, and death. After she woke up, her stage 4 cancer disappeared within weeks.
“I think that we have created a lot of myths which are absolutely upside down from how it really should be if we want to live heaven on Earth.” “A lot of people think they have to do a lot of things to get to heaven. What’s really sad is that when we die, we realize that, oh my gosh, I could have created heaven on Earth.“

What if a healthy life begins with

nurturing our heart-to-Earth connection?

How we relate to our heart
is of existential importance.

We are born with ten fingers. Imagine we all used our fingers, hands, and feet like our beloved cats and dogs. We would be sure that our hands are made to be used to move around.

Until someone would propose the seemingly crazy idea that we could use our fingers to play piano, paint, or, most importantly, tickle each other.

Everyone could use their fingers to continue living like these utterly cute cats and dogs. That’s perfectly fine, and, we could learn to use our fingers to experience and express the wonders and beauty of life.

Could the same be true for our hearts?
If the heart’s purpose is not pumping blood – what is its purpose?

Was it made to be used in ways we can barely imagine?

Many celebrated leaders talk about the heart


Disconnected from Earth and the loving, knowing heart, our minds got misled by concepts like humans, nature, progress, intelligence, …

… and we lost our sense of connection.

We thought we could take whatever we wanted from Earth and leave our toxic waste in return.

Didn’t this thinking lead us to the disaster we have today? Ancient stories from around the world tell us that we once lived in paradise here on Earth. A state of harmony with ourselves and each other {= humans, animals, and nature.}
Today, across the planet, we seem to be farther away from living in harmony with Earth than ever before.
For millennia, indigenous traditions have told us that we are the children of Earth and that we need to be in harmony with Earth to have a healthy life. Then science regarded this as mere lore of uneducated natives and promised a better life by moving away from nature. Technologists now promise a better life by merging with artificial intelligence and moving to Mars because we have already destroyed ‘our’ Earth.
Is the next step in our evolution becoming humachines on Mars or reconnecting to Earth?
Do we need a new story of what it means to be human? A story highlighting our connectedness with each other and Earth?
A new story in which the heart’s purpose is not pumping blood but connecting us to each other and this breathtakingly beautiful planet Earth. A connection where we receive ideas and solutions from ‘our mother’ Earth.

It is no longer about our separation.
It is about what could unite all of us.

Our beautiful,
flowering hearts and Earth.

What is a flowering heart?

In its flowering state, the human heart, connected to the heartbeat of Earth, becomes a fountain of insight, inspiration, imagination, intuition, direct knowing, and guidance. And, of course, the source of all the beautiful human heart qualities like love, honor, compassion, courage, empathy, justice, …

The flowering heart can see beyond the polarized perspectives of the mind. It can see how seemingly opposed and contradicting aspects are part of something bigger, the whole.

The flowering heart is your compass and guidance, your lighthouse and teacher. Whatever you want to call it.

It knows the truth.
And it will guide you.

To where you need to be.
And what we need to learn.

What will a world led by flowering hearts look like?

Often it’s the small moments of kindness and connection that makes a beautiful moment and nurtures our hearts and our beautiful Earth.
Share a heart moment that encouraged and empowered you!

Your story might have a similar effect on other hearts … and even cause a domino effect 😉

A new era has begun.
It’s the age of Enheartenment.

{ from ‘cogito ergo sum’ [=I think therefore I am] to ‘I feel therefore I am’ }
{ from ‘mind over matter’ to ‘heart moves mind’ }


In our film, you’ll discover groundbreaking research from the Heartmath Institute. For over three decades, they have created innovative programs to transform health, wellness, and performance based on Heart Rate Variability.

Here are some of the fine institutions using Heartmath programs to improve the quality of life of their members, employees, and the communities they serve.

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You can explore and experience stories from our movie in your own life.
We encourage you to have your own experiences. Without personal experience, you can only believe or doubt what we {and others} tell you.

Having your own experience will take you beyond that box of belief and doubt.

We like to propose that true knowledge is based on personal experience.

So, happy exploring!

Here are practices you can easily do at home that can help you reconnect to your heart’s and Earth’s intelligence. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

We are preparing two citizen science research projects that explore how you can use mood-cycle tracking and heartwaves
practices to get in sync with Earth and cosmic cycles.
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Our vision is to have paradise on Earth {again}. Meaning we all live together based on healthy, heartfelt connections with ourselves and each other [that includes plants, animals, and ‘our’ planet Earth], celebrating our differences.
Our mission goals are …

| Increase awareness of the scientific evidence that warrants an investigation of the idea that the human heart is not a pump

| Ignite a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary, inter-religious discussion about the purpose and function of the human heart

| Introduce the idea of heart-centered emotional education in schools worldwide

| Inspire people to live a beautiful life via the ‘follow your heart & find your rhythm’™ lifestyle

| Spread the knowledge of the Chestahedron, nature’s blueprint for the human heart

| Illustrate the heart’s purpose with various art forms

| Help people to discover, track and predict their emotional and other cycles to live in harmony with life

| Publish a new model of emotions that heals the conflict and separation of natural science and spiritual traditions

| Collect, preserve, and present indigenous, ancient, religious, and scientific insights and wisdom about our hearts from around the world


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A new world begins in our hearts.