Course | Self-Honoring


Ancient European spiritual wisdom prescribes cultivating heart qualities as the path to a fulfilled life. Self-honoring is the missing counterpart to your self-love and gratitude journaling.

The Difference between Ancient Greek Philosophy and Eastern Spiritual Teachings.

The treasure of this course is that it gets straights to the point. You can begin practicing without hours of theoretical mental input. The value comes from you experiencing the knowledge, not hearing and memorizing it.

+ How to ‘take in’ this course?
I: Self-Honoring Heart-Qualities
II: Self-Honoring Actions
III: Cultivating Heart Qualitities
IV: Face Yourself

Dr. Gabriela (Gabriele Maria Sigg), Director of Philosophy at The Heart Revolution, studied philosophy and sociology with a focus on ancient Greek philosophy, Plato & Aristotle, and the ‘Deutsche Geisteswissenschaften’ [German spirit sciences], Schiller and Goethe.

She is the founder of the field of spiritual sociology and has translated the ancient Western wisdom into modern-day language and teaches a down-to-Earth approach to a fulfilled life based on the original teachings of Western spiritual philosophy.

How to 'take in' the Self-Honoring course?

Listen with your body, with your heart, with your soul and FEEL, what the information in my videos do to you.

How do you re-act?
Do you feel triggered?

What feelings and thoughts does it bring up?

Self-Honoring | Part I | Heart Qualities

Part I
Look for 3 Heart Qualities, that characterize you the most as a person and honor yourself for being like this. Find out more in the video above ;)

The Self-Honoring-Challenge: Embody your full potential by honoring your heart qualities. Self-honoring is the missing counter-part of self-love and crucial expansion of self-optimizing.

Practice this phase at least 2 weeks until you move to part II.

Self-Honoring | Part II | Honorable Actions

Part II
Honor honorable actions, you did in your life, that you are proud of. Find out more in the video ;)
AND: Never mix up FAME with HONOR! 
I am very proud of you, that you take this challenge and honor your soul!

Ask yourself every day:
“What is it, that I have to do today?”

(Hint: the answer could also be “go to Bed and rest” 😉

Practice this phase at least 2 weeks until you move to part III.

Self-Honoring | Part III | Heart Qualities Cultivation

Part III, a
Cultivate your Heart Qualities. Look for a pattern, that you want to change. Find out more in the video 😉

Practice 2 weeks before you move on to part b [next video]!

Part III, b
Which Heart Quality did you actually practice while those 2 weeks? Make the practical training become philosophical knowledge.

Didn’t find your Heart Quality?
Do your own research and google “virtues” or “heart qualities”. See what you can find and write me, if you want to share your experience or results.

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The Self-Honoring-Challenge / Cultivating Heart Qualities: Learn to cultivate and honor your Heart Qualities. A healthy, happy, fulfilled life, according to the ancient European Spiritual Wisdom.


Self-Honoring | Part IV | Face Yourself

Face Yourself and all the things you have done, which are not so honorable and correct them to be free for your further journey.

Do this lesson, when you feel you have built a solid foundation of cultivating heart-qualities and self-honoring and you feel ready to look at the not so nice parts in your history 😉