Illustrations Gallery

Welcome to our little art gallery.
You can use our illustrations on your website. Please add an attribution link back to our website. It doesn’t have to be directly next/below the image. As long as there is a link back to us anywhere on the page where you use our illustration it is fine with us.
This here is just a small selection of our much larger illustration library.
We have our complete library neatly organized with airtable. That’s where you can also download the high resolution files and grab a ready-to-use attribution code.

We also offer a wide selection of beautiful products with designs based on our illustrations in our Boutique!

And lastly, we also create limited best-of NFT collections from our artworks. So if you are interested in investing into art, there you go!

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The Heart Revolution is an exploration & celebration of life and being human driven by the question “Why do we have a heart?”

Do you know the purpose of your heart?

If you think your heart is a pump you are in for a big surprise. A scientific and spiritual revolution is on its way. And you play an important role!

Curious why your heart is at the center of every aspect of your life?