Benedikt Just Portfolio

This is a little portfolio of my digital artworks, mainly in the field of collage art.

Almost all of these pieces are still in research & development and should be considered rough sketches.

I regard all my digital works, be it visual or articles or music as temporary expressions. As I learn more about life I might feel the need to update my creations.

Many of my works in HD and smaller format are licensed as CC-BY-SA. The best ones are available as fine art prints in our boutique and/or as NFTs.

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The Heart Revolution is an exploration & celebration of life and being human driven by the question “Why do we have a heart?”

Do you know the purpose of your heart?

If you think your heart is a pump you are in for a big surprise. A scientific and spiritual revolution is on its way. And you play an important role!

Curious why your heart is at the center of every aspect of your life?