How can we solve global problems like
chronic disease, mental health, racism,
heart disease, inequality,
 injustice, cancer,
… . . .. ….
.. ….


It all starts with your heart.
Your flowering heart.

Now scientifically proven 😀

And it all
begins with
and science.

The Heart

A cross-cultural,
scientific & spiritual
transformation has begun

We have all heard the worldwide accepted story on what defines us as humans. It is said that …
“Everything we call soul or consciousness, thinking, emotions, creativity, etc, comes from our brain.”
“The human heart is a pump. Its only job is to keep the blood moving. It has no other function.”

But a fundamental change is happening ...

Scientists have found solid evidence that our heart’s primary purpose is not pumping blood.

This could be the beginning of a new era.

More and more cutting-edge studies reflect what saints and sages, religions, and philosophers from around the world have told us about being human for millennia.

Your flowering heart is the key.

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Disconnected from our flowering hearts, our minds got misled by concepts like matter and soul, gender, race and god, sexual orientation, faith, education, wealth, …

… and hypnotized by
what seems to divide us.

Hasn’t this caused suffering for long enough?

Whether this new era becomes paradise may depend on how many of us will choose to awaken our flowering hearts.

How we relate to our hearts
has existential relevance.
Not poetic or metaphoric.

We are born with ten fingers. Imagine if we all used our fingers, hands, and feet like our beloved cats and dogs. 

We would be sure that our hands exist to move us around.

Until someone proposes the seemingly crazy idea that we could use our fingers to play piano, paint, or, most importantly,
tickle each other.

We could use our fingers to continue living like ‘our’ utterly cute cats and dogs. That’s perfectly fine!

And, we could learn to use our fingers to experience and express the wonders and beauty of life.

Could the same be true for our hearts?
If the heart’s purpose is not pumping blood – what is its purpose?

Was it made to be used in ways far beyond our current beliefs?

Many leaders advocate for the heart.
Why did they say that ...

We leave footprints, fingerprints, and heartprints ...

We mainly interact with other beings with our voices, fingers – and our hearts. Our hearts radiate what we feel. Beat by beat. Every waking and sleeping moment. Whether you talk and act or sit still.
There are three definitely life-changing events. Conception [and pregnancy], birth, and death.
Every single moment can be life-changing. It all depends on the state of your heart. Is your heart flowering or withering?
The state of our hearts can help or hinder us and others on the hero’s journey.

What is a flowering heart?

In its flowering state, the human heart becomes a fountain of insight, inspiration, imagination, intuition, direct knowing, and guidance. And, of course, the source of all the beautiful human heart qualities like love, honor, compassion, courage, empathy, justice, …

The flowering heart can see beyond the polarized perspectives of the mind. It can see how seemingly opposed and contradicting aspects are part of something bigger,
the whole.

The flowering heart is your compass and guidance, your lighthouse and teacher. Whatever you want to call it.

It knows the truth.
And it will guide you.

To who you need to be.
And what you need to do.

What will a world led by flowering hearts look like?

Often it’s the small moments of kindness and connection that makes a moment beautiful and nurtures our hearts.
Share a heart moment that encouraged and empowered you!
Your story might have the same effect on other hearts … and even cause a domino effect 😉

Who is the heart revolution for?

The Heart Revolution is dedicated to all of us. The unicorns, the princesses and knights, misfits, and rebels.
The forever-young-at-heart, the helpers and healers, lovers and poets. The leaders, scientists, and artists who have felt that something was wrong, or missing, and that they did not fit in or belong here.
And, of course, everyone who longs to have a healthy, peaceful, just, and heartful world!
Love begins in your heart

Peace begins in your heart

Justice begins in your heart

Equality begins in your heart

Knowing begins in your heart

A new world begins in our hearts
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